Plevé and Ron Rizzo

Jewelry Designer, Ron Rizzo, has accomplished many things in his 30+ years in the jewelry industry. As a student, he won a design contest from the Fashion Institute of Technology, has won a World Gold Council’s Designer Award, was named Neiman Marcus’ top selling fashion jewelry line for 5 years in the 90’s and successfully opened his own retail boutique, creating every piece of jewelry that was sold. However, his greatest accomplishment, creating an entirely original jewelry design technique, is one that few others can lay claim to. This new patented method spawned his most sought after brand; a fresh, colorful, burst of originality simply named Plevé (pluh-vay), that celebrities, consumers and jewelers are raving about!

Ron developed Plevé’s unique setting technique from his need to create innovation in an industry that seemed to be getting stale. In collaboration with Pluczenik, one of the world’s leading diamond companies, he was able, after countless hours of development, to perfect the setting technique that sets Plevé apart from other jewelry brands in the world. Alongside Pluczenik, they were able to secure international patents for the process and just six months later, Plevé was being sold in Saks 5th Avenue and was corporately identified as one of the top 5 emerging brands for the entire store. Plevé is also now sold in respected luxury jewelry retailers around the world.

From its small beginnings as a one of a kind experimental brand, Plevé and Ron Rizzo have now won many coveted jewelry design awards including awards from Forevermark, Couture, and Luxury. Plevé is now a beloved brand by collectors the world over. Each piece is handcrafted by artists in New York City using Ron Rizzo’s design and patented techniques.

Plevé is Timeless, with a dash of daring. Make your statement, become a #DIAMONDICON